Personal statement

Multi Camera Studio and Technical Director with extensive experience in providing organizational and operational support to the production team on interactive entertainment products and news from initial design through code release.

As an adaptable, confident, enthusiastic, self-motivated and committed individual who enjoys working within a group environment. I consider myself to be hard-working and reliable person who is well organised. 

Skills and achievements

Experience in Media and News production in International Newsroom.

Deep knowledge of transmission, broadcasting, switching, control, and operation of                   telecommunications systems.

Gallery and News Systems

Working on Snell, Grass Valley Kayeene, Ross Carbonite & Ross Vision, Sony and Panasonic vision mixers.

Familiar with the use of video router and router panels.

iNews & ENPS rundowns.

AVID Airspeed Countdown.

Substantive knowledge of hardware and software, latest technologies and studio equipment.

Very good background in Audio mixers, microphones, talkback and audio divisions, capable of making sound decisions in the absence of detailed instructions.

Work Experience

Vision Mixer

Alaraby Network TV - IMG Studio

London - UK 

Oct 2016 - 


News and current affairs, directing multi-camera news bulletins and programmes from the gallery, under considerable time pressures to produce a smooth running final product. Some changes might needed to the running order at the last minute in order to accommodate breaking news, react quickly and effectively in very stressful circumstances.


Liaising with crew members about all technical requirements, e.g. lighting and camera movements, sound recording requirements, set dressing, vision effects, graphics and transitions.

During multi-camera studio recordings or live transmissions, I work closely with Vision Mixers and Production Assistants (PAs) in the gallery to create the programme.

Responsible for the look and sound of a production and its technical standards.

Working closely with Producers and/or Writers, enhancing, refining and realising original ideas into finished programmes.

Making careful preparations in order to ensure the success of each shoot.

Having a clear creative vision of the project and what materials are required to achieve it.

Understanding the significance of scenes and how they fit into the overall programme structure, as well as knowing what is happening within each scene as it is shot.

Read through scripts before first meeting with Producers. The other heads of department may draw attention to potential technical, logistical or creative problems with scripted scenes, and suggest alternative arrangements. Once all these factors have been taken into account and changes approved, scripts are returned to Writers and changes negotiated.

Blocking all aspects of the script (that is, plot the required camera movements, backgrounds and locations, in relation to the Presenter(s) actions) in order to keep the production safe and under control.


Technical Support -Avail Training, Northwest England

March 2016- July 2016



Technical Support and Network Administrator.
Responsible for all computer, data and communication managing and installation.
Installed and Programmed Ubuntu server as a domain controller.
Installed routers and switches and installed operating systems to a 50 computers.
Created MS-Access databases for the company.
Installed Ubuntu web server for internal database.
Installed a VOIP Telephone network.
Installed a web-dialler telephone network.
Designed and programmed a web driven database

Studio Director, CNBC Arabia, Dubai

Sep 2006 – Sep 2013



Director for live broadcasts and recordings shows.

Supervise and coordinate the work of camera, lighting, design, and sound crew members.

Study and research scripts in order to determine how they should be directed.

Collaborate with editors during the post-production process as shows are edited and soundtracks are added.

Confer with technical directors, managers, crew members, and writers to discuss details of production, such as photography, script, music, sets, and costumes.

Plan details such as framing, composition, camera movement, sound, and actor movement for each show.

Establish pace of programs and sequences of scenes according to time requirements and cast and set accessibility.

Choose settings and locations for some special shows and determine how scenes will be shot in these settings.

Researching, verifying and collating evidence and information to support a story using relevant information sources such as the internet, archives and databases.

Identifying potential interviewees, briefing them, preparing interview questions and conducting both live and recorded interviews;

Preparing timings for each news item and monitoring these during broadcast

Deciding on the running order for bulletins and making any necessary changes during broadcast.

Collaborating with the editor to put together the completed programme or item.

Understanding and complying with media law and industry codes of conduct.

Head of Broadcast Department - Al-Diyar Satellite Channel, Baghdad

July 2004 – Aug 2005



Studio director for live rolling news bulletins and all scheduled entertainment and talk shows.

Head of Satellite department & Operation Team Manager.

Covered Live Political Activities as a Director and Broadcast Technician "Outdoor Broadcast".

Executive Producer & Director in Several Political and Entertainment Programs.

Installed SNG Systems Which Include Fixed and Flyaway Stations.

Installed Main Studios and Media Control Room.

Field Journalist and Producer – Al-Diyar Satellite Channel, Baghdad

July 2003 – July 2004


Duties and responsibilities will vary from role to role includes:

Writing scripts for bulletins, headlines and reports.

Selecting appropriate locations, pictures and sound and exercising editorial judgement on the best angle from which to approach a story.

Identifying necessary resources and deploying and managing technical crews for location shoots, including sound operators and camera crew.

Preparing materials for both pre-recorded and live news.

Covered war on “Fallujah” 2004 

SNG Technician, AL-Jazeera Network, Baghdad

 Jan 2003 – July 2003



Broadcast live feeds such as DTL, live programs from Baghdad using both fixed and flyaway

Stations, it was 6 months contract to cover the war on Iraq.

Executive Director, Iraq TV- Baghdad

July 1997- July 2002



Executive director for live rolling news bulletins, as well as pre-record director for entertainment, sports shows.

Started as cameraman, linear editor, executive director then became a vision mixer operator in 2000


Diploma in Motor Vehicle Maintenance - Hopwood Hall College – Middleton Campus, Manchester. Sep 2015 -  June 2016

Level 2 in “Community Interpreting”. Workers’ Educational Association – North West England, May 2016

Bachelor degree (BSc) in Accountancy.   Al-Turath University, Baghdad. 1991-1995

Baghdad High-school 1984 – 1990 

Member of Iraqi Computer Society since 2000

Member of Emirates Photography Society since 2011

Courses and Volunteering activities

Course in First Aid at Work - Link4Life - Rochdale Borough Council, UK, Aug 2014.

Volunteered in many sport events in Rochdale and Heywood, 2014

Volunteered in Rochdale Borough Council Libraries as an ICT teacher, 2016

Interests and Hobbies

I have interests in landscape photography; I also try new gadgets and camera accessories and write reviews about them over the internet.

I am located at:

Greater Manchester

United Kingdom



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